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Flood Gallery

Photo Copyright: Mike Flood    


Photo: Mike Flood

Copyright 2005

These small white flowers are about one inch in diameter. I have tried without success to find out what they are named.
I made the photo with a Fuji Finepix S2 Pro and 60mm Nikkor macro lens.  Handheld. Exposure unrecorded.  Summer, 2004.

In fact I didn't even look thru the view finder.  These were so low to the ground that I could not easily get down to that level to see what I was going to shoot.
I just let the camera hang down at the end of my arm, pressed the shutter button lightly to let it focus and the pressed the button.  It took a few shots to get something I was happy with.

Not being a two or four footed creature it wasn't going anywhere so I wasn't in a hurry.