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The member gallery is due for another update. We already have a beta site being tested that will allow user management of your images.

The only drawback is that it simply doesn't look as good as the hand-built design. The reality is that one reason Field and Forest fell into such disrepair in the last few years is because building pages by hand with as many members of the Field and Forest community wanting a gallery, just couldn't be maintained. It would take a 60-hour work week. And Kim and I both already have very busy lives as professional photographers..

The member gallery at Field and Forest has always been a favorite for visitors. This is a place where you can see a wide range of photographers, from students to amateurs to professionals, and learn from seeing.

The galleries, nearly 100 of them, are slowly being added back to Field and Forest as we transition to a new website design. If you are a gallery owner, please contact us if you would like preferential treatment to get your gallery back online. We will place you at the top of the list.

Otherwise ... watch for implementation of the new interactive member gallery, hopefully, soon.

One last word ... we are not accepting any additional gallery members until we get the current members back online. If you want to be considered for a gallery in the future - e-mail us at:


--David Leeson

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