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How to Enter


1 Read the rules

PLEASE NOTE: We have been receiving a lot of images from photographers which do not classify as nature photography. If you'd like to learn about our basic philosophy regarding what is a nature photo and what is not a nature photo please read "Is it a Nature Photo?". We do not generally accept entries which show the "hand of man." We will occasionally make an exception depending upon the photo in question. But under most circumstances the image will be deleted. So ... please don't send us photos of things like windmills in a field of flowers, your family cat, a barn, butterflies on your finger, landscapes with buildings, roads, fences, telephone poles, boats, cars, planes or people etc. etc. etc. Thanks. If you have questions about this please feel free to write us.

2 E-mail your scanned photo. Your photos should be sent as a jpeg file. MAC users remember to add the .jpg extension to the end of your saved image. EG: naturephoto.jpg. Please keep file sizes as small as possible. As a guideline, most photos received at Field and Forest do not exceed 800kb. Scans should be no larger than 800 by 600 pixels at 72 dpi. and no smaller than 640 by 480 pixels at 72 dpi. Please include the following details with your submission:

Your name
Your e-mail address
The title of your entry
A brief statement about your thoughts about the photo
Where the photo was taken When it was taken (within the last 3 years)
The equipment used to take the photo.

Please note that Field and Forest does not allow names, logos or writing on photo entries. These markings must be removed prior to submission.in the body of your e-mail transmission. Although it is not required, we would also appreciate a brief bio.

when you're ready to submit - click on the link below
Be sure to replace the words: "WRITE YOUR NAME HERE" with your name.

Field and Forest Nature Photo Contest

3 Your photos are yours! All copyrights are yours. You retain all rights to your images.