2005 Photo of the Year
“Twilight” by Gerri Jones
Photo: Gerri Jones
Photograph: Twilight
Date taken: November 2004
Location: Wilson, New York
Equipment used: Nikon D70 with a 17-80mm lens on a tripod.
Comments: The clouds were moving swiftly and I
2004 Photo of the Year
“Untitled” by Kim George
Photo: Kim George
Title: Untitled
Location: Wallace, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date taken: Unknown
Equipment used: Fuji 303A Finepix
Comments: I don't know whether it was an eagle, an osprey or a hawk whic
2003 Photo of the Year
“Enchanted” by Craig Moline
Photograph: Enchanted Forest
Date taken: March 2002
Location: Mchenry County, Illinois, USA
Equipment used: Canon Elan.
Comments: This is a picture I took last summer in Mchenry County, Illinois. Whe
2002 Photo of the Year
“Looking for Prey” by Inge Eason
Photograph: Looking for Prey
Date taken: March 27, 2002
Location: Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA
Equipment used: Sony MVC CD300
Comments: This photo of a Great Horned Owl requires a detailed explanation
2001 Photo of the Year
“Bickering Gulls at Sunrise” by Chessie Johnson
e-mail: Chessie Johnson
Photograph: Bickering Gulls at Sunrise
Location: Brant Rock, MA USA
Date taken: January 13, 2002
Equipment used: Casio QV3000-ex
Web site: Chessie Online Photos
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