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Contest #6, 2005

First Place - Robert Ganz  

First Place - Robert Ganz

Photograph: Tempting Fate

Date taken: Summer 2005
Location: Not provided
Equipment used: Canon 10D with a Sigma 180mm macro.


In early summer of this year, on one of my lunchtime walks near where I work, I saw a large Eastern Garter snake slithering through the grass. 

I circled around to where I thought I could intercept it, and lay down on my belly.  Sure enough, it came out of the grass into a clear spot not far from me.  It slowly approached and I snapped some shots. 

Then a fly landed on it and proceeded to wander over its head.  I snapped some more but was afraid I would miss the shot because the snake was so close, and I was only resting the camera on my arms and elbows. This was the best of the bunch.