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Congrats to the 2005 Winners


All of the contests for 2005 have been judged and posted. Gerri Jones wins the 2005 Field and Forest Nature Photo Contest of the Year with an image she made in her backyard. Not bad considering the steep competition from the few thousand images submitted worldwide each year.

Of course, I'm sure you'll have your own favorite. Hopefully sometime soon we'll finally launch the new area of Field and Forest that will allow users to vote and comment on their own favorites.

But, as usual, bear with us, we make changes here and there as time allows. Our community of nature lovers at Field and Forest are some of the most patient and kind folks we've met over the years. Thanks for your faithfulness and support for so many years.

Field and Forest was originally designed as a way to share our nature photography and the life Kim and I have found in the details of creation. That was eight years ago and little has changed, except how difficult it became to find time to work on the site. Hopefully that will change with this redesign.

Field and Forest remains dedicated to fine nature photography - but we had to eliminate some areas of the site. The members gallery will return slowly. If you want your gallery back quickly - just write and I'll give it priority. Unfortunately there are no current plans to rebuild the poetry gallery. If you are one of those affected, please accept our apology and appreciation for being a part of Field and Forest for so many years.

At one time, Field and Forest was a thriving virtual community with members located in more than 50 countries. Unfortunately, our growth exceeded our abilities. The site has never made money and our lives as professional photographers had to come first.

The contest will receive more priority at Field and Forest along with our personal work. Hopefully the redesign of the site will make it far easier to keep the contest results current.

Our mission at Field and Forest remains the same, to provide an outlet for a community of like-minded nature lovers to share their talents and skills and thereby provide inspirational content for all. We also believe there is a dynamic link between environmental concern and social justice. A society concerned about the health of the planet is a society equally concerned about her citizens.

Thanks again for visiting. We hope you'll come back often. We are making good on our promise to get this place back in top shape.

--David Leeson

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